A View of the Park


On a recent afternoon, I visited Dr. S. Robert Powell at the Carbondale

Historical Society and Museum on the third floor of Carbondale City Hall.

Walking through the exhibition galleries, where so many artifacts are so

proudly displayed, I was filled with nostalgia. It was exciting to see the

memorabilia of the many stores that were a big part of our lives. Do you

remember Fulkerson's Music store, on Salem Avenue? Cramer’s

Photography Studio on Main Street? The Elite at the Park?


As I looked at Memorial Park, out of the third floor windows of City

Building, I smiled when I saw the monuments, one of which my dad helped

to dedicate. Over the years, the Park has maintained its peaceful and quaint

look and along with the City Building remains the centerpiece of our small

town. In my youth, Main Street was always filled with pedestrian traffic but

on this sunny day, the sidewalks were empty.


I was born in Carbondale and raised on Lincoln Avenue, in a home my

grandfather built in 1927. Both my husband and I are graduates of Benjamin

Franklin High School but like so many of our contemporaries, we left our

hometown for college and to establish careers.


Because we have built a retirement home in the area, we are fortunate to

spend time in our beloved hometown. Looking at the park that day, I

wondered what I could do to help maintain our heritage. What could people

who are non-residents do to support the efforts already established by the

Carbondale Historical Society? What about the residents of Carbondale?

Your membership is fundamental to keeping the Society viable. If you have

not yet renewed your membership for 2016, I encourage you to do so. If you

are not certain if you have renewed, Dr. Powell has supplied a list of current

2016 members. Please see below.


What could I do as a part time resident? The answer came through clearly as

I spent time with Dr. Powell-- -- volunteer, get involved in creating a new

vision for Carbondale, learn more about our shared history, visit the

museum. The enthusiasm among the members of the Chamber of

Commerce and the City Building is contagious. Those citizens are working

vigorously to revitalize the spirit of Carbondale but it can't be done without

the support and encouragement of not only the residents of our town but

those of us who are non-residents as well.


For your convenience, membership can be renewed via the Historical

Society's webpage: www.carbondalehistoricalsociety.org. Click on "Membership"


Please consider a membership to the Carbondale Historical Society and

Museum (if you are not already a member) or contact the Society (570-282-

0385) to get on the Volunteer Schedule. It is one small thing but it will make

a huge difference.


Best regards,

Mary Parise Tomaine




Carbondale Historical Society Members, 2016

1. Mary Monahan, Carbondale

2. Leo Burke, Vestal, NY

3. John Fagan, Carbondale

4. Jack Fagan, San Francisco, CA

5. Michael Yavorosky, Hop Bottom

6. Mary Downing, Carbondale

7. John Lawler, Carbondale

8. Gloria Wilson, Elk Lake

9. Anthony DiMarino, Massapequa Park, NY

10. Jeffrey S. Taylor, Carbondale

11. S. Robert Powell, Carbondale

12. Mary Parise Tomaine, Madison, AL

13. Robert S. Ryczak, Bel Air, MD

14. Joseph P. Callahan, Dickinson, ND

15. Mary C. Zlobl, New Bern, NC

16. Edward Spall, Manassas, VA

17. Peter Pettinato, Greenfield Township, PA

18. Gerald P. Williams family, Carbondale

19. Michael D. Golden, Alexandria, VA

20. McCarthy/Yepson family, Carbondale

21. Donald R. Law, Phoenix, AZ

22. Marty Mulholland, Hertford, NC

23. Joseph Scotchlas, Carbondale

24. Linda Starzer, Carbondale

25. A. Jared Essif, Marana, AZ

26. Mary Klem, Scott Township, PA

27. Charles Carroll, Endwell, NY

28. Barbara Campbell, Archbald

29. David Dottle, Davenport, FL

30. Martin Langan, Carbondale

31. Barbara J. Clune, Hilton Head, SC

32. Mary E. Downing, Carbondale

33. Alan and Diane Kurlansky, Carbondale

34. Ted Frutchey. Carbondale

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The Carbondale Historical Society and Museum is located on the third floor of  historic Carbondale City Hall and Courthouse in Carbondale, PA. The building, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, is located at One North Main Street. 

The first public meeting of the Historical Society, founded in October of 1974 by a group of six Carbondale Area school teachers, was held in January of 1975.  On November 6, 1982, the Historical Society and the Committee to Restore Carbondale City Hall merged to form the Carbondale Historical Society and Museum, which was incorporated on March 15, 1983. 

The Carbondale Historical Society and Museum is an educational and historical membership organization whose mission is to record, gather, and preserve the history of the city of Carbondale and the surrounding area. Through its genealogical and local history research center and exhibition galleries on the third floor of Carbondale City hall (listed in the National Register of Historic Places on January 6, 1983, through the efforts of the Society) and through an annual series of public lectures, programs, exhibitions, and commemorative ceremonies, in the community and in the public schools, the Society, at the same time, interprets and makes accessible to the public the City's rich, diverse, and unique history and heritage. The Carbondale Historical Society and Museum is committed to the central values of (1) maintaining the highest possible standards in all its endeavors, (2) providing excellent service to the public at all times, and (3) demonstrating leadership and innovation in the field of local history. 

The Society's research room and exhibition galleries are open from 1 - 5 P.M., Monday through Friday, and by appointment. Given the fact that we are an all-volunteer organization, it is always a good idea to phone ahead  (570-282-0385 or email srp18407@gmail.com) to make sure that someone will be at the Society when you arrive. This is especially important if you're traveling from out of town to Carbondale to do research.