Australia’s contribution to war effort will go down in Ukraine’s history books, says President Zelensky


Zelensky warned against Russia’s desire to seize nuclear power plants. (Case)

Amid the ongoing war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has appealed to Australia to do more to help fight the Russian invasion of his country, saying the support already offered will go down in history .

In an interview on CBS News’60 minutes, Mr. Zelensky spoke about the horrors he saw, the threat of a nuclear attack on Europe, the effects of war on his family and what it feels like to have a target on your head. He also spoke of the importance of waves of support from the international community, including Australia, in his country’s month-long fight to repel a much larger army that some thought would triumph in weeks or days.

“I have to be very grateful to the Aussies,” Mr Zelensky said, adding: “You have helped us before and that’s true but we need more, that’s also true.”

“I’m sorry. I’m the president of a country at war, a country at war… I think you understand my feelings, that’s the main thing. Ukraine will always remember it. It will be written in our historical books on your help (from Australia), thank you very much,” the Ukrainian president said.

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It should be mentioned that Mr. Zelensky’s comments come at a key moment in the war for Ukraine’s survival. In the 60 minutes interview, when asked about his thoughts on Russian war crimes against the Ukrainian people, Mr Zelensky said he felt “pain, anger” and a “desire for revenge”. “And then after there came a lack of understanding, how could you do anything to people, to humanity? How could you torture so many people? he added.

The former comedian and TV star said he’s not afraid to show some kind of weakness. “You can lose your humanity and I don’t want to lose it. I want to keep my humanity and that’s why I watch all of this. I watch pictures,” he said. Mr. Zelensky also went on to say that getting used to war is the “worst possible habit”.

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Moreover, in the same interview, Mr. Zelensky also warned against Russia’s desire to seize nuclear power plants, such as the one at the site of the Chernobyl disaster. He said that nothing can be expected from Russian leaders that they will not use nuclear weapons. The Ukrainian leader stressed that it is his people and soldiers who are fighting and suffering the most.


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