Covid site operating procedures recorded in the history books


The guidelines that have seen the construction industry through the pandemic are today, 1st April 2022, officially retired.

They are still available online (here) but only with the status of “reference document”.

The guidelines, produced by Build UK and published by the Construction Leadership Council, have been amended regularly over the past two years, to keep abreast of changing government advice and regulations. The most recent version, Site Operating Procedures Version 9, (SOP9.1) was released on 27and January 2022.

Construction industry guidance on the use of face masks (in the context of Covid, not for dust hazards) is also now withdrawn.

The official line is: “While the government Living with Covid-19 plan is clear that the pandemic is not over yet, the suppression of the Working Safely During Coronavirus (Covid-19) The guidelines, along with the requirement for employers to explicitly consider Covid-19 in their health and safety risk assessments, from 1 April 2022 mean site operating procedures are not more up to date and remain available as a reference document.

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