DAR donates history books for women to Mosheim library | Life


A two-volume book set, “Legacies of Our Great Grand Mothers, Early Tennessee Women,” was presented by Madge Walker, member of Nolachuckey DAR, to Denise Duck, director of the Mosheim Public Library, on September 9.

“Statewide, the Daughters of the American Revolution have donated this set to various libraries,” Walker said in a statement. “We felt the Mosheim library would like to have it and we wanted to give it to them.

Duck said the books will be a great resource for people using the library’s new history room when it opens to the public to research the area’s history and its own genealogy.

The two-volume set is a collection of stories and lineages of women who lived in the Tennessee Territory before the first census in 1850. About 275 women, many of whom are wives or daughters of revolutionary patriots, appear in the index of 1,500 sets of pages.

A narrative sketch and lineage table of known births, marriages, deaths and burial dates are provided. In addition, the places of birth of each woman, her parents and siblings as well as her husband and parents and siblings are documented. The offspring of these women are included with quotes from sources noted throughout the book, according to a statement.

Walker, who joined DAR almost 40 years ago, said different Tennessee girls submitted stories and lineages of their own families to the project.

To become a member of the DAR, a person must submit documented documents that show a lineage to someone who was a “patriot” during the War of Independence. The “patriot,” Walker said, may not necessarily have been a soldier, but someone who aided the cause of the revolution.

Walker said it was conceivable that “Legacies of Our Great Grand Mothers, Early Tennessee Women” could be of use to someone interested in joining the venerable organization.

“Someone might say, ‘oh, I remember seeing that name in a family Bible,’ and finding out there’s a connection there,” Walker said.

According to Duck, a number of people use the resources at the library to research their family history. Any donation to add more local historical documents and books to the new Blue Springs History Hall will certainly be appreciated.

“We don’t have anything like that in our current collection and we hope the DAR will continue to help us with our collection,” said Duck.


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