Detroit Pistons are making their way into the history books


If you watched the score in the Detroit Pistons vs Cleveland Cavaliers game last night, you might have thought you were watching a piece of ancient history.

The Pistons managed just 78 points against the Cavs, failing to even score 20 points in two of four quarters.

People want to blame Dwane Casey for the anemic offense, but the truth is these guys just aren’t knocking back open shots. You can discuss Casey’s rotations or how he allocates the minutes, but he’s not the one throwing all these bricks.

The Pistons’ numbers on open shots are mind boggling, and pretty much the entire team has been affected by this bug.

I’ve written that the Detroit Pistons have been taking offense since 2004, but the truth is, it’s much worse than that. The Pistons’ offensive numbers were purely offensive.

Detroit Pistons: Historic Shooting Battles

The Detroit Pistons are getting into the record books quickly and not in a good way:

So the bad news is that the Pistons can’t shoot, but the good news is that they’ve been the “best” worst shooters in 60 years!

Isaiah Stewart is the only Piston shooting over 50 percent, and Detroit has just four other regulars shooting over 40 percent.

Cade Cunningham shoots 30 percent, Killian Hayes just 29.6 percent and “sniper” Saddiq Bey only hits 36 percent of his field goals overall.

Frank Jackson, who has been re-signed as a bench shooter, shoots 36% overall and just 23% from long distance.

While the Pistons have had a top-5 defense in points allowed, their offense is not only the worst in the NBA this season, but for just about any season.

It’s frustrating to watch, to say the least, and last night’s shooting problems were compounded by the Pistons being unable to deal with the ball, spitting it out for 23 turnovers that led to 27 points. of the Cavaliers.

At some point, something has to change. Either the Detroit Pistons have to start shooting or they have to turn things around. Saben Lee has now played two 40-point G-League games and could be a few minutes late, but his addition alone won’t change much.

There is no savior waiting behind the scenes. The Pistons are going to have to make the most of the team you see or they are going to end up in the history books as one of the worst offenses of all time.


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