Global $ 3.4 Billion Fiber Laser Market Analysis and Forecast, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F –


DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–The “Global Fiber Laser Market Report 2021: Growth and Change of COVID-19 to 2030” the report was added to offer.

The global fiber laser market is expected to grow from $ 2.17 billion in 2020 to $ 2.36 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8%. The market is expected to reach $ 3.4 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 9.6%.

The major players in the fiber laser market are Amonics Ltd., Apollo Instruments Inc., Coherent Inc., IPG Photonics Corporation and Jenoptik Laser GmbH.

The fiber laser market consists of sales of fiber lasers. Fiber lasers are used for welding, cutting and other material processing. A fiber integrates the beam delivery and the laser cavity into a single system inside an optical fiber in which the beam is generated inside the fiber, unlike conventional lasers.

The fiber lasers market covered in this report is segmented by type into infrared fiber laser, ultraviolet fiber laser, ultrafast fiber laser. It is also segmented by application in marking, micro processing, high power, fine processing and by end use in material processing, healthcare and others.

Nonlinear optical effects are a constraint in the fiber laser market. Nonlinear optical effect is a phenomenon caused by the use of a fiber laser which can lead to failure and damage of the material to which the fiber laser is applied. Also, it can cause the material to overheat and can cause serious damage to the material. FC Laser Ltd was skeptical about the use of the fiber laser. FC Laser was unsure of the versatility and efficiency of the fiber laser and was much more comfortable with the CO2 laser.

New technologies such as high power fiber laser and diode laser have been introduced to the fiber laser market. With a wavelength of 800 nm, the diode laser has the deepest penetration levels. Another new technology, the blue laser, has also been introduced to the market specifically targeted for welding. Blue laser has higher power and brightness than ordinary laser.

The increase in disposable income is driving the growth of the automotive and mobile electronics industries leading to the growth of the fiber laser market. According to CEIC Data, there has been a 10% increase in divestiture revenue in India, which has led to the growth of the automotive and mobile electronics industries.

Thus, the automotive and mobile electronics markets are developing at a rapid pace and the use of fiber lasers is becoming essential to support growth. Fiber laser is used for labeling, cutting and welding of auto parts. The use of the fiber laser makes it easier and easier to cut small and complex auto parts. Mobile electronic devices are getting more and more compact by the day and so the electronics industry also needs a fiber laser to cut thin and fragile electronic parts.

The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) is a regulatory body in the United States regulating the fiber laser market. The CDRH is responsible for the manufacture, involvement, performance and safety of fiber laser devices. The CDRH checks whether the devices are correctly labeled and equipped with safety equipment. The CDRH checks whether the manufacturer has provided the correct classification of the laser and whether the manufacturer has affixed the warning labels to the device.

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2. Characteristics of the fiber laser market

3. Fiber laser market trends and strategies

4. Impact of COVID-19 on fiber lasers

5. Size and Growth of Fiber Laser Market

5.1. Global Historical Fiber Lasers Market, 2015-2020, in USD Billion

5.1.1. Market pilots

5.1.2. Market restrictions

5.2. Global Fiber Laser Forecast Market, 2020-2025F, 2030F, in USD Billion

5.2.1. Market pilots

5.2.2. Market restrictions

6. Fiber laser market segmentation

6.1. Global Fiber Laser Market, Segmentation by Type, History and Forecast, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F, in USD Billion

  • Infrared fiber laser

  • Ultraviolet fiber laser

  • Ultrafast fiber laser

6.2. Global Fiber Laser Market, Segmentation by Application, History and Forecast, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F, in USD Billion

  • Marking

  • Microprocessing

  • High power

  • Fine processing

6.3. Global Fiber Laser Market, Segmentation by End Use, History and Forecast, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F, in USD Billion

  • Materials processing

  • Health care

  • Others

7. Regional and national analysis of the fiber lasers market

7.1. Global Fiber Lasers Market Divided by Region, Historical and Forecast, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F, in USD Billion

7.2. Global fiber laser market, divided by country, historical and forecast, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F, in USD billion

Companies mentioned

  • Amonics Ltd.

  • Apollo Instruments Inc.

  • Coherent inc.

  • IPG Photonics Corporation

  • Jenoptik Laser GmbH

  • CY Laser SRL

  • NKT Photonics A / S

  • Quantel Group


  • Toptica Photonics AG

  • Lasertechnologie GmbH

  • Sigma Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd.

  • SPI Lasers Limited

  • Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd

  • Maxphotonics Co

  • Lumentum LLC operations

  • nLIGHT Inc

  • Keopsys SA

  • Fujikura Ltd

  • Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd

  • Newport Company

  • OT techniques

  • OR Lasertechnologie GmbH

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