Governor DeSantis Praises Florida’s Selective Civics, History Teaching As Test Scores Rise


Govt. Ron DeSantis Thursday reported that Florida’s civics and history scores have risen dramatically since he emphasized it in schools and began cracking down on versions he calls ‘distorted’ .

To Crooms Information Technology Academya magnet school in Sanford, DeSantis and education commissioner Manny Diaz presented results of the school 2022 civic literacy and history exams which showed an increase of 5 points over the previous year, with a pass rate of almost 70%. The success rate of students in history has increased by 2 points.

Improvements, the Governor and Commissioner said, have been seen in all areas and across key student demographics, including those who are economically disadvantaged and those with learning disabilities.

“It’s not good enough. It’s a lot better, I would say, than most people would expect, and certainly a lot better than what you’d get in most parts of the country,” DeSantis said.

He and Diaz attributed the improvements to his programs and legislation he signed in 2021 revising civics and requiring civic literacy exams, encouraging civic debate teams in high schools, and rewarding teachers with bonuses for taking civics training.

Surrounded by books in the Crooms Academy library, some of which display potentially subversive messages, DeSantis also reminded the rally that he had also lobbied for restrictions on the types of influences students may be exposed in textbooks, seeking to ban anything considered “woke,” including math textbooks.

“We also unabashedly promote civics and history that are accurate and don’t try to push an ideological agenda,” DeSantis said. “I think what we’ve seen in different parts of the country is that they’ve tried to twist history to pursue an agenda.”

Critics have argued that DeSantis has attempted to sanitize public education from teaching the darker aspects of social history. But he insisted, and reiterated Thursday at Sanford, that it’s about others trying to twist history, not him.

“We learn the real story. You are learning the real facts, it will not be done in a way that tries to indoctrinate students with whatever modern curriculum anyone may have.

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