Heartland Forward hosts a LEGO Camp for History Books

Picture KOAM

JOPLIN, Mo. – Young people from all 4 states gathered today at the historic Columbian Block building in Joplin to learn a bit about history and express their creativity.

For the past 130 years, the building has housed businesses such as:

  • mining offices
  • legal practices
  • home furnishings
  • showrooms
  • Kassab clothes for women

Today, participants gathered at the Landmark Build camp to tour the building and then recreated rooms and areas from space using legos.

“Landmark Builds emerged from related market gaps that I witnessed,” said Lisa Nelson, Founder. “Local history is not taught in school and many people don’t know about community landmarks. At the same time, STEM jobs are among the fastest growing industries today, and we need more programs to get students interested in these careers. LEGO designs and builds are a flexible and creative way to marry local history and STEM principles.

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