High School Sports: Keyes opens door to program history books with win #100 (02/7/22)


Northview women’s basketball head coach Zack Keyes won his 100th career game Monday night when the Lady Knights beat Brown County 51-36 in the division opener.

Photo by Austen Leake

When Zack Keyes took over as head coach of women’s basketball at Northview seven years ago, all he wanted was to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors.

“I was just trying to follow in the footsteps of people before me. I sat under some really, really good coaches, coaches that I consider to be some of the best in the state, which is Mitch Lancaster and Scott Buell. I just wanted to follow their lead,” Keyes said.

What he finally did was chart his own path. And on Monday night, with a 51-36 Division victory over Brown County, Keyes earned his 100th career victory, making him what many believe to be the first to accomplish the feat in program history.

Keyes credited all of the players and coaches who helped make Northview a permanent contender for the Western Indiana Conference and the Division, saying it was their hard work and dedication that helped him. to claim 100th place on Monday.

“We’ve had a lot of great athletes and a lot of great coaches. My assistant coaches have been great over the years and my players have been great over the years,” Keyes said. “I think 100 wins says more about our program than just one person. I was very, very lucky.

The Brazil Times recently spoke with the current and former Lady Knights of the last six senior classes coached by Keyes, as well as his current assistant coach, and asked them to reflect on their time with the head coach of seven. year.

Their responses are below:

Jordan Allen (assistant coach 2018-present)

“He was actually my coach when I was playing. He and I met in West Vigo about five years ago. He didn’t realize I was teaching and coaching in Monrovia, and he m said, ‘Hey, do you want to come back to the area?’ We stayed in touch and then I finally got back, and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s been great. He knows the game really well. He knows the ins and outs. Not only was he a good player, but he’s an amazing coach. He has a great relationship with the girls. He knows how to teach, he knows how to coach, he knows when to push, he knows when to calm down. It’s a rare commodity to have all of that in one person. You can tell every time the girls play that they trust what he says. He lets them have their say. So having all the tools of the trade he has is rare. He has been great coaching with him, he’s just a great guy and a great coach.

Macey Timberman (Class of 2022)

“He has always been a good coach for us. He always knows when to push us to be better people on and off the pitch. He is, honestly, like another father to all of us. He has no children, so he takes us all as his children. That’s why we wanted so badly to bring it to 100 wins. Our senior class, we’ve always been so close to him, so it’s cool that we’ve come this far with him and now he’ll always remember us for that.

Katy Anderson (Class of 2021)

“Honestly, he’s one of my favorite coaches I’ve played for. Without him, I probably wouldn’t have played basketball in high school. He really encouraged me to start playing again and that was the “one of the best decisions ever because he was such a good coach. He cares so much about his players and always pushes you to be the best, and I absolutely loved that about him.

Haley Richey (Class of 2020)

“To be honest, if I had to do it all over again 100 times, I would. Coach Keyes is hands down one of the best coaches in Indiana. program or the school coach, I was beyond nervous and intimidated Coach Keyes was the first and only coach to date who helped me grow as a player and as a player. human being. Through his coaching, I learned to move forward, to turn my head, to be a hard worker, to focus and to rush. Coach Keyes has the natural ability to have a positive impact on every player he has coached and will continue to coach I miss playing for Coach Keyes all the time but it’s always good to look back and see that he is still the same coach with the same goals.

Jenny Lundy (class of 2019)

“He’s very good at pushing people to improve on and off the pitch. When I played, he always yelled at my sister and me because he expected more from us. If we did something wrong, we never hear the end of it, but it made us much better players. I still remember it so clearly three years later, but in a section game my senior year, I missed a rebound and he yelled at me for literally over two minutes straight as the game continued. You might even hear it on film the next day. He became a head coach in my first year and I wouldn’t have changed him because there are so many good memories playing for him.

Olivia Lundy (Class of 2018)

“He was a great coach. He went out of his way to help his players succeed.

Stacy Payton (Class of 2017)

“I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to play for Coach Keyes. He’s not just a great coach, but a great person. He instilled values ​​in me as a person and a player that I will always wear. He invested a ton of time and energy into this program, and it shows with the successes the team had. Playing for him, he was always pushing me to be better and always helping me to improve. Looking forward to seeing more wins in the future.


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