JoJo Siwa Leaps Into The History Books As A Dancing With The Stars Finalist


In 2012, JoJo Siwa applied to participate in “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition”, the reality show produced by the loud and loud Abby Lee Miller of “Dance Moms”, the same show that gave us Sia’s muse, Maddie Ziegler. JoJo was later invited to join the Abby Lee Dance Company, putting her on the “Dance Moms” reality TV roster. Even as a little kid, JoJo was a bubbly personality with her bubbly attitude and side-parted hair bows and ponytails. A few years later, Siwa signed a multiplatform deal with Nickelodeon, which ignited the flame of the JoJo Siwa merchandising empire. Time Magazine named her “America’s Most Famous Children’s Artist” in 2019 and currently has 39.1 million followers on TikTok. The girl has so much merchandise in her likeness that she was able to throw a “JoJo Siwa-themed birthday party” when she was seventeen.


JoJo Siwa is having a JoJo Siwa themed party. it doesn’t get much better than that!!

♬ original sound – JoJo Siwa

In addition to her merchandising line, Siwa’s fanbase overwhelmingly consists of children and tweens. But after her exit announcement earlier this year, Siwa has developed a fan base in the form of LGBTQ+ adults. Given her influence on the younger generation, JoJo is the role model that so many LGBTQ+ adults didn’t have as children. She is a beacon of hope for a better future, which includes affirming the acceptance of all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


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