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The Queen returns to Windsor Castle for the Platinum Jubilee

Laura Pidcock has been accused of being a ‘typical leftist pooper’ after attacking ‘pure and inexplicable wealth, privilege, power and exploitation’ in reference to Platinum Jubilee celebrations to mark 70 years of queen’s reign. , the former MP for North West Durham posted on Twitter: “I just feel like there is real rudeness in the state-run Jubilee celebration fanfare.

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“People are skinny, getting so much skinny and full of worry and we’re supposed to go out and celebrate 70 years of pure and inexplicable wealth, privilege, power and exploitation? Nope.”

But Express.co.uk readers expressed their frustrations and accused Labor of being “miserable” and a “joyless socialist executioner”.

Others highlighted the Queen’s decades of service to the UK.

Jonty111 posted: “Typical leftist cheer! Wonderful that this gracious lady has been our Head of State for 70 years. May she reign long.

The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations have been trashed by a former Labor MP (Picture: BBC)

Jubilee News

Millions of people across the country are ready to take to the streets for parties (Image: GETTY)

SallyAnne posted: ‘Mrs Pidcock must read her history books, history is made this year, our Queen is the longest reigning monarch over us and the longest serving monarch in the world.

“After 2 years in lockdown, we all need to get out, mix, have fun and show our support, the best thing that can happen to our country.”

Dynamo David said: “Left-handers are miserable.”

An Express reader added: ‘Another joyless socialist nag, another reason never to vote Labour.’

gibbolincs commented, “Your former constituents wouldn’t listen to you so why would anyone else?” The Queen has done more good for this country in a day than dear old Laura could do in a lifetime.

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jubilee news

The Queen will celebrate 70 years on the throne (Image: GETTY)

Uninspired added: ‘The crowd awakened to her best again, the Queen has spent her entire adult life in the service of this country. I’m so sick of this toxic Labor Party supporting everyone but the British public.

Bluemark wrote: “The Left hates that the Queen is loved and respected more than all of them put together.”

StephenBrown said: “Unlike left-wing Labor MP X. Our wonderful Queen has spent 70 hardworking years representing our country around the world.

Others have accused the left of “hating everything British”.

RoseyChipplethwaite said, “Patriotism is unity, which the left despises most.

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jubilee news

UK holds celebrations across the country (Image: GETTY)

Another added: ‘Typical work hates anything British.

Meanwhile, some Express.co.uk readers have argued that the Jubilee celebrations will generate cash and boost the UK economy at a time when it is facing a cost of living crisis.

Jonnorfolk posted: “Just show how this ex MP doesn’t understand the economy, the Queen’s Jubilee will generate so much of a boost for the economy it makes the cost of holding the Jubilee miniscule, No wonder she was a Labor MP…

“Plus the good that comes from a royal celebration that brings the country together…


jubilee news

Platinum Jubilee Timeline (Picture: EXPRESS)

Krugermum added: “People were much leaner and had endured much more suffering from rationing, injury and death during and after World War II, but they turned out by the millions to cheer on their new queen, in all over the country, with street parties, buntings, etc.

“People need to have something to celebrate! Those Labor and Republican idiots would make us all live in a gray world!

The nation will pay tribute to the Queen’s 70 years of sovereignty during the Platinum Jubilee weekend from tomorrow (Thursday).

Millions of people across the country are set to take to the streets for parties and grand Jubilee luncheons this weekend in honor of the country’s longest-serving monarch.

It is the first time in history that Britain has celebrated a Royal Platinum Jubilee. Patriotic tributes to the Queen across the UK include a life-size woolen knitted monarch plus a corgi made by Holmes Chapel Community Yarn Bombers in Cheshire and a 5ft 3in Victoria sponge cake. in the form of the Sovereign by social media star Lara Mason.

jubilee news

It is the first time in history that Britain has celebrated a Royal Platinum Jubilee (Image: GETTY)

The commemorations kick off on Thursday with the traditional military show Trooping the Color, involving more than 1,500 officers and soldiers and 350 horses from the Household Division.

But the Queen’s attendance will likely only be confirmed in the morning, with royal fans hoping to see her appear on the balcony with her family for a special fly-in, and perhaps even review the troops.

In the evening, more than 3,000 beacons will be set on fire across the UK and the Commonwealth in tribute to the Queen, with the main Tree of Trees beacon illuminated outside the palace.

There will be no ceremonial trip to the thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral for the Queen on Friday June 3, and the monarch, if attending, will use a different entrance rather than climbing the steps steep.


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