Letter to the Editor: Our Post-9/11 History Books Are Not Worth Reading Anymore


I push as often as I can for people to read the story, any story. But the history that will be written about America in the 21st century will not be worth reading.

It will begin with the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. But what are the details of two huge buildings collapsing worth on national television? A plane strikes, another plane strikes, fires break out, people jump out of windows, one building folds like a house of cards, then the next. A memorial is built. People forget everything.

After that, our brand new history book will go into an endless frenzy of scandals surrounding the wealthy, sexual harassment in executive circles, racial killings by the police, anarchist movements against the Public Health Act, coup attempts and the daily acts of aggression by our own ignoramuses. people against each other about school problems, facial mode, sports competitions. No positive lesson here, just a big sign that the nation itself is collapsing like the towers did.

Will our great-grandchildren really want to read the story of a President and Congress who did nothing but cut cash transfers to Russian autocrats as Europe exploded into a great world War ?

Kimball Shinkoskey

Formerly of Lewis County


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