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As he stood on the post-game podium, Bears passing carrier Robert Quinn was almost at a loss for words. Almost.

“Sickening,” he said.

The Bears had just lost 16-13 to the Baltimore Ravens, victims of a winning practice run by a quarterback named Tyler Huntley, and Quinn, who wore his feelings on his face, was asked how he felt .

The heartbreak of one loss, the five-game losing streak, the tsunami of hurt feelings that are familiar to Bears fans who have seen this franchise fail over and over again. Quinn, who lost 3 1/2 sacks and three tackles, channeled it all until the end of this game.

“It was a punch in the guts,” he said.

At some point between questions, Quinn shook her head and made exasperated noises as he relived the breakdown in his mind. He looked shocked, and after this game who could blame him?

“It sucks,” linebacker Alec Ogletree said later. “It sucks for everyone.”

Ogletree has said a version of the word “suck” nine times in her interview, and while “Sucks for everyone” would be a realistic 360-degree marketing campaign for the Bears, I’m not sure anything so obvious must be declared.

At the end of the match, fans chanted “Fire Nagy! Just before Andy Dalton threw what looked like a winning 49-yard touchdown pass to Marquise Goodwin, I heard, “Nagy sucks!” “

Bears coach Matt Nagy was out of time for a final tying field goal, having used his last to talk about a two-point conversion play after Dalton’s assist with 1 minute, 41 seconds left. to play. The conversion game failed.

To Nagy’s credit, the touchdown play, which saw Goodwin burn cornerback Chris Westry on a slant-and-go on fourth and 11, was a beauty. But to his discredit, well, everything else.

The Bears are in bad shape. They are 3-7. They haven’t won since October 10. Most years we would say at least there are only six games left. But this year, there are seven. Every press conference makes Nagy look like a joke. Each game digs its hole even deeper.

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Senior Columnist and EIC, Chicago

Greenberg: What's next for a bad Bears team that's going nowhere?  Switch


Greenberg: What’s next for a bad Bears team that’s going nowhere? Switch


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