Notre Dame’s combination of history, education and excellence was it for Braylon James


It might have taken longer than expected, but once Notre Dame began to focus on Braylon Jamesthe connection with Round Rock (Texas) star Stony Point and the Fighting Irish was crystal clear.

Notre Dame’s rich history on the football field, combined with its elite educational opportunities, makes it the perfect fit for the entire James family. From a historical point of view, this has been an important factor in Glynn Jamesthe father of the Top 100 standout wide receiver.

“In my day, I was a huge Notre Dame fan,” Glynn James explained. “I played quarterback then Tony Rice was my guy. I don’t know if you remember but I grew up in New Orleans. My neighbor, Donald Royalplayed basketball at Notre Dame in the 1980s. We grew up together and that’s how I really got to know Notre Dame because he attended school.

Along the way, there were various programs strongly linked to James, seeming to be considered favorites throughout the process. Turns out, the family always wanted Notre Dame to race. For a while, that just didn’t seem to be in the cards.

In the backyard at the University of Texas, the Longhorns were one of the schools that were said to be a big player for James. With the closeness and family ties present, the relationship made sense. Her father quickly dispelled interest from their side.

“When this process started, even before (Braylon) had an offer, he was saying he was leaving (Texas). He didn’t want to stay here,” James said. “He wanted to experience life and He wanted to try to do it on his own, do it as a young man.

Still, there were rumors that there was some pressure on Braylon to stay in the Lone Star State to play his college ball. This was again quickly dismissed.

“It wasn’t pressure,” James explained. “Not hitting Texas but they didn’t really go after it like people think. We never even had a conversation with the head coach. We didn’t have any interaction with anyone from that staff. .

“It was just an offer for Braylon and he went there a couple of times,” James continued. “There was no mutual interest. My eldest daughter graduated on Saturday and they didn’t even know it.”

Another school that was said to play an important role in recruiting was LSU. Her father is from New Orleans and several members of her family attended college. It was a kind of family school.

This was quickly dismissed after his visit to campus. He just wasn’t the right fit for the talented wide receiver.

Academics have always been extremely important to the James family. While Notre Dame’s former staff almost ignored James before the transition, the other top college football program was in a good place early on.

Before Stuckey and Notre Dame put their hats back in the ring, Braylon had to commit to Stanford. The reason Notre Dame was so quick to turn around is because academics are hugely important, but not at the expense of football success. This is what makes Notre-Dame so unique.

“I’m not hitting Stanford, but football looks like it’s in decline,” James explained. “Education and football go hand in hand at Notre-Dame. I was pointing it a bit in that direction. It really is a perfect choice for Braylon and my family.

In the end, James’ talent was good enough to end up anywhere. The Notre Dame cup, however, has always made too much sense.

“Braylon could have gone to Georgia, he could have gone to LSU, he had Ohio State, there were all these schools chasing him,” James said. “For us, it wasn’t (just) about football. It was about education and football. At Notre Dame, you can get the best of both worlds.

When the James family visited South Bend in March, it was the final step to solidifying Notre Dame as a pick. The staff obviously took that last step out of the park. For Glynn James, he didn’t need to see anything special on campus. It was already sold.

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“I didn’t care how the campus looked,” he says. “It’s Notre Dame. It is the mecca of football.

“The first day we got there, at the hotel, he told us he loved it there,” James continued. “He told us he felt it and loved it. He wanted to pull the trigger and I told him let’s go! We were all ready to get it over with.”

The full scope of the program was the main sell to the James family. It wasn’t part of what the program could be. It was the whole range.

“The 4 for 40 speaks for itself. Just through Braydon’s engagement, I meet so many people,” James explained. “We’re at track and field meets, and I’m still in my Notre Dame gear, people who are Notre Dame graduates come up to me. There are guys who give me cards if we need anything. It’s just networking at Notre Dame. It’s just a bunch of real football.

As is the case with the majority of recruits who end up with the Irish, education and culture can be as important as football. The James family saw the full picture during this recruitment.

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