ONLINE: Black History Education Conference – Isthmus


UW professional learning and community education event.

press release: The 4th Annual Black History Education Conference: “I Am Someone” provide a place where educators across the state and country can share policies, practices, programs and procedures that have been shown to be effective in promoting high levels of achievement for those who are often underserved in our school systems and our communities.

During this time in our history, many people have asked what they can do to end systemic racism. Now, in our fourth year of offering the Black History Education Conference, we knew before this issue took center stage that culturally relevant professional development was a way to eliminate attitude gaps, opportunity and success that exist across the world. Our response is to come up with solutions that will help us close the glaring gaps that exist in the state of Wisconsin and across our country.

The itinerary of our trip this year will be guided by what we call the BREATH table. The BREATH Board describes how we organize our action steps towards achieving our mission and goals to breathe new life into our teaching practices and our children. The BREATH advice also serves to answer the question, “What can we do to take action to end systemic racism?” “

B–Conference on Black History Education – The experience of the Conference on Black History Education is intended to provide a place where stakeholders across state and country can share experiences. policies, practices, programs and procedures that have been shown to be effective in promoting high levels of achievement for black people. students.

R–Relevant Texts– “Dreaming In Ethnic Melodies” by Andréreal Davis is a book that takes the reader on a journey into the heart and mind of a mother as she shares her hopes and dreams for her then son. that he sails from childhood to adulthood. The author draws lessons from prominent African-American historical and contemporary figures to impart wisdom and provide him with the necessary tools and information he needs to grow and succeed as an African-American man in modern society.

E–Ethnic Melodies is a culturally relevant literacy program that includes five responsive literacy categories and 21 culturally relevant lesson plans.

A– Academic Affirmations and Breathing Bags – The statement “I am somebody” can be used to help students express what you want them to think of themselves and what you, as a teacher, do. family or community member, want them to know that you believe too. The Academic Breath Bag is a culturally relevant “school in a backpack” that includes age-appropriate reading, science, social studies, math, and art or music activities. Activities are designed to promote positive development of identity and self-esteem, improve academic achievement and bridge the digital divide.

T–The testimonials in support of our work provide qualitative data on the impacts of our collective work and responsibility.

H–Health disparities – With a focus on the newly created program titled “The Afr I CAN cer Project”, Cultural Practices That Are Relevant will partner with community organizations and participants of the Education Conference on Health. black history to implement the Afr I CAN cer project. The objectives of the project include reducing inequalities, raising awareness, implementing education activities, raising awareness and developing programs for underserved populations.


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