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The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe of the OSCE Minsk Group has not only failed to achieve progress in resolving the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, but, on the contrary, its “activity” has delayed its settlement for many years, said the deputy of the Azerbaijani Parliament (Milli Majlis) Sevinj Huseynova said

Azerbaijan, through its historic victory in the 44-day Second Karabakh War, resolved the conflict on its own. And the Minsk group, as well as this conflict, remained in the past

She noted that now some forces, not at all shameful, are trying to revive the group.

“For many years, the OSCE Minsk Group made senseless visits to the region, and these trips later became known as tourist trips. This organization was one-sided, supporting occupying Armenia, turning a blind eye to the vandalism of the Armenians in the occupation Azerbaijani lands, without naming the invader. It is because of this one-sided and unconstructive position that the negotiations did not yield any results and the conflict remained unresolved In fact, the goal of the Minsk Group was not to resolve it, but to turn the conflict into a frozen state, imitating the negotiations.The organization has completely lost the trust of the Azerbaijani people, and no one hoped for his activities and the demonstration of an objective position,” Huseynova said.

She noted that all this was once again confirmed during the second Karabakh war.

“We have witnessed how some OSCE Minsk Group co-chair countries, showing their true face, supported Armenia by making noise in the world and trying to stop Azerbaijan, distract from the liberation of his native lands from occupation.They even blamed Azerbaijan, considering that they did not take any action against Armenia during the 30-year period of Armenian occupation of Azerbaijani lands and n did not call Armenia an occupier. Obviously, the organization was completely biased and tried to delay the resolution of the conflict as long as possible. And now some forces are trying to revive it for their own purposes. However, this is impossible.The Azerbaijani army, under the leadership of the victorious supreme commander-in-chief, President Ilham Aliyev, has liberated its lands from occupation, and the conflict is already in the past, and the Minsk Group is become history . A new reality has already been created in the region, new opportunities for the establishment of lasting peace and the formation of a new environment of cooperation. And attempts to revive the Minsk group will not bring any results,” said Huseynova.

Political commentator Elchin Mirzabeyli said that the co-chairing countries of the OSCE Minsk Group, which has been relegated to the past, should no longer mention the names of this organization, which has not been successful during the entire period of its ” activity” to stop the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions, which expressed hypocritical statements promoting the occupation.

“They should also apologize for such ‘activities’ to hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis who have longed for their native lands for almost 30 years and whose homes have been destroyed and the graves of their loved ones demolished,” he said. he declared.

Mirzabeyli noted that the Azerbaijani people’s trust in the organization and its co-chairs is completely lost and mentioning the OSCE Minsk Group causes at best a bitter smile and disgust in the country’s society.

“And if someone tries again without any compulsion to bring up the Minsk group, that someone must be sure that he will earn even more hatred from the Azerbaijani people,” he stressed.

Mirzabeyli added that the state and people of Azerbaijan are determined to eradicate any protest that threatens the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

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