Parliamentary panel on education suggests changes in history books

The parliamentary education panel recommended impartial representation of freedom fighters, greater inclusion of the role of women and a greater focus on ancient Indian wisdom in textbooks.

The expert group chaired by Vinay Sahasrabuddhe presented its report on “Reforms of the content and design of textbooks” on Tuesday.

“The ministry should explore the possibility of developing a common core classroom curriculum for various subjects to be implemented by the CBSE, CICSE and various other school boards in the state, as this will go a long way in maintaining the consistency of educational standards of students across the country, the report suggested.

He suggested that all books, especially history books used for additional reading, can be “consistent with the structure / content of NCERT books to avoid discrepancies.”

“This will go a long way in providing the necessary and appropriate space for the heretofore unknown and oblivious freedom fighters …”, the report said.

During its interaction, the committee noted that many historical figures and freedom fighters have been “incorrectly described as delinquents” and that this “misrepresentation should be corrected” in our history textbooks.

He also suggested that ancient wisdom, knowledge and teachings from the Vedas and other great Indian texts / books should be included in the school curriculum.


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