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#New Delhi: Opposition party leaders have raised the issue of having the names of corrupt state leaders in history textbooks. CPM chief Sujan Chakraborty opened his mouth in Delhi. BJP Chairman Sukant Majumdar fired cannons in Kolkata. Anupam Hazra’s sarcasm on social media.

Partha Chatterjee, Sobhan Chatterjee, Madan Mitra have a place with Mamata Banerjee in the history of Singur movement in state government textbooks. Sujan Chakraborty criticized the state government for having the names of these leaders accused of various corruptions in the textbooks.

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“The way the names of criminals are mentioned in our state’s history textbooks is very dangerous,” he told reporters in New Delhi. He claims that what is not the subject of the story has been placed in the pages of history and the names of the criminals have been added. He said the state government admitted its mistake in describing Khudiram Bose as a terrorist, but the state was silent on Singur.

Sujan Chakraborty said: “Shobhan Chatterjee’s name should be read in the history books? Madan Mitra’s name should be read?, Partha Chatterjee’s name should be read, who is now under arrest. Where is West Bengal being taken? More sarcasm from the head of the CPM, “the value, respect and dignity of the state”. Everything ruined.

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Sujan Chakraborty said, “BJP leaders have no right to talk about these things. Because if there was a movement in Singur, then the BJP leaders united to go on hunger strike there.

The request to remove Partha Chatterjee’s name from the Class VIII textbooks only came after his arrest. BJP leader Anupam Hazra tweeted this claim today. Addressing the Chief Minister, he wrote on Twitter: “This person is now in jail for embezzling money from hundreds of thousands of educated unemployed people. Now at least get his name off the pages of the 8th grade history books. Otherwise, the next generation will see his name on the pages of books and think Khudiram, the equivalent of Netaji.

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