Remove name of Partha Chatterjee, ‘Singur Andolan’ chapter from history books: BJP


Jul 31, 2022 7:27 PM STI

New Delhi [India]July 31 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday demanded to remove the “Singur Andolan” chapter from the history books, saying the chapter had glorified “corrupt” Partha Chatterjee as a freedom fighter.
BJP National Secretary Anupam Hazra has asked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to remove the name of former Bengal Minister Partha Chatterjee from the pages of Madhya Shiksha Parshad history books.
“Honourable Prime Minister, this man is now in prison for embezzling money from millions of educated unemployed young people. Now at least remove his name from the pages of the Class 8 history books. Otherwise the new generation will begin to consider this person as the equivalent of Netaji and Khudiram after seeing his name on the pages of the book,” Hazra tweeted.

Partha Chatterjee has been arrested by the Directorate of Law Enforcement (ED) in connection with the School Services Commission (SSC) scam in West Bengal.

Anupam Hazra speaking to ANI said, “I asked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee via my tweet to remove the name of Partha Chatterjee from the history books. The names of those people who have great work for the country are written on the pages of the history books. Now if the names of corrupt people like Partha Chatterjee who is already in prison are written in the history books, then the children will start considering Partha Chatterjee as the equal of Khudiram Bose and Netaji.”
BJP leader says ‘Singur Andolan’ chapter would mislead new generation.
“We want this chapter ‘Singur Andolan’ which has been forcibly included in the school books of Bengal removed as it will mislead the new generation,” he added.
“At the moment only Partha Chatterjee name has appeared in the scam, one day Mamta Banerjee name may also appear. No guarantee. shouldn’t read this. It’s the psychology of the people to respect those whose names are engraved in the books. Then if all these thieves and corrupt people are glorified, it will mislead the next generation,” the secretary said. national of the BJP.
In the chapter “Singur Andolan”, TMC attempted to project that he brought independence to the people of Bengal from the hands of the CPI(M) who ruled Bengal for about 35 years. The chapter highlighted the extortion, murder and gross mismanagement in Bengal during the CPI(M) rule.
“Mamata Banerjee wants to see her name written in the history books. She likes that very much. So when she came to power, a chapter of the “SingurAndolan” was forcibly included in the class 8 history book of Bengal. Thus, Partho Chatterjee has also been glorified there,” he added. (ANI)


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