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An example of one of the Saanich Heritage Coloring Book pages in St. Martin Anglican Church at 550 Obed Ave. The arrow points to a part of the roof described for educational purposes. (Photo courtesy of Saanich District)

Saanich Coloring Book Highlights Local History and Education

A collaborative project converted stock photos into colorized formats

A Saanich Heritage Coloring Book has been created to creatively highlight the district’s history.

Founded by the Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee and the Saanich Heritage Foundation, the collaborative project converted archival photos with assistance from Saanich Archives staff to compile the photos.

Definitions of architectural elements were collected from the Saanich Heritage Register, the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the Canadian Oxford Dictionary and the Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

At the November 22 Saanich Board meeting, publication of the Saanich Heritage coloring book on the Saanich Heritage Foundation website was approved, along with promotion of the book on social media.

The coloring book is for residents of all ages and will soon be available on

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