The Delone carnival relegated to the history books | Local News


After forty years of hosting an annual week-long carnival, the Delone Catholic High School’s Music Association has decided to end this popular event.

Delone music director Brian Yealy said the carnival has been a major fundraiser for the school’s musical offerings, paying salaries to some of the instructors and supporting other aspects of the program.

Suspended for two years during the pandemic, the resumption of the carnival was anticipated by many. But planners from the music association learned that the carnival company they hire could not provide equipment in June.

Planners were reluctant to move into July and compete with other local events, including carnivals and fundraisers hosted by fire companies, Yealy said.

“We want to encourage people to support these other groups,” he said.

Music association leaders also found it increasingly difficult to fill all the volunteer roles needed to run the carnival for an entire week.

With the sharp increase in the cost of food, it was feared that the net income would be significantly reduced.

The clincher was a decision that the school’s commercial kitchen would no longer be available for food preparation due to concerns raised about potential liability, Yealy said.

Going forward, the association will redouble its commitment to the annual April fundraiser, dinner and raffle held at the South East Adams Volunteer Emergency Services (SAVES) facility.

The school has pledged additional budget support for staff, raising hopes that Delone’s strong music program will not be diminished, Yealy said.

A letter released by the music association expresses thanks to “the Delone administration, faculty, staff, community members and neighbors of McSherrystown” for their support.

“Carnival could not have been a successful event over the past few years without your kindness and help,” the letter read. “As we wrap up this event, which has created so many wonderful memories for all who have come to Delone Carnivals, we encourage you to attend other local carnivals to support our local fire companies and the important work that ‘they accomplish.”


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