The History Books ‘Dwell Too Much on Defeats’, Need to Rewrite: NCF Review Panelist


Amid the ongoing debate over portraying historical facts, Govind Prasad Sharma, chairman of the National Book Trust, said there was a need to rewrite history in light of the “new facts” to come. Stating that Indian history books linger too much on defeats, he added that our textbooks should focus more on the “fighting spirits” of leaders such as Maharana Pratap who fought the foreign invaders.

Sharma, who is also part of the 12-member committee formed to review the national curriculum framework, made the comments while responding to a question about what he believed to be the shortcomings of the current CBSE curriculum, reported The Indian Express.

This committee led by K Kasturirangan held its first meeting on October 12 where members discussed the provision of the National Education Policy 2020.

Emphasizing the need to rewrite history, Sharma added that India, witnessing so many battles, was proof that our leaders fought against foreign invaders.

Justifying his arguments with an example, Sharma said that a narrative was created that Akbar defeated Maharana Pratap. The point is, the two have never had a face-to-face battle. He added that the revised history curriculum will help “develop social harmony and national pride”.

Sharma has long been associated with the RSS wing and is the former chairman of Vidya Bharati, which operates a chain of schools across the country. The committee headed by K Kasturirangan was given a three-year mandate to complete the development of a new NCF that will replace the framework formed in 2005. The committee was tasked with developing four of these frameworks to guide the program. preschool education, school education, adult education and teacher training.

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