The Journey of an Ontario High School Graduate in History Books


When you look at the stars tonight, marvel: Astronaut Victor Glover, who graduated from Ontario High School in 1994, is aboard the Space Station.

The electronic sign at Ontario High in the Inland Empire proudly displays a shout out to its distinguished alum. Early on, Glover established himself as a leader in high school. He demonstrated excellence in studies and in athletics, where he played two sports.

His former high school and college classmate Dr Pamela Larde told FOX 11’s Laura Diaz, “Victor had the biggest dreams. But at the same time, he was humble. He got along with everything. the world.”

These dreams are now fully on display. The 44-year-old is the first black crew member on the space station. It becomes the first in its history to begin a full six-month sojourn in the orbiting laboratory.

At California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, where Victor majored in engineering, the sense of excitement and pride is palpable. His former wrestling trainer, Lennis Cowell, told me he often talks to Victor. He said his former athlete spent time and money on the wrestling program and recently provided his email address to stay in touch while on the Space Station.

Cowell and his wife watched the launch from a distance and became tearful.

There are a lot of emotions to go. Glover’s engineering professor Dr. Daniel Walsh was exuberant as he spoke of his former student. He sent me a copy of the recommendation letter he wrote to help Glover get into NASA.

He described Glover as “Curious, Capable and Compassionate”.

Throughout his life people were in awe of Victor Glover. Dr Walsh told Diaz that Victor was perfect for the mission. Walsh described it as “a small puddle on the ground” when the crew entered the Space Station. He looked up and saw that his former student who worked so hard had finally made his lifelong dream come true.

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