Twitter Rewrites Archduke Metallica’s History Books After Blunder


Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A teacher recently took to Twitter to share a funny mistake she made in her class while teaching students about World War I.

When Christina E. Cox’s student brought up the death of a “certain Archduke” during the lesson, the teacher, trying to engage her class through more current popular culture, tried to get his name guessed by stating that he shares it with a gang. The resulting response was so hilarious that the teacher posted it on Twitter, much to the amusement of many who now come up with the story of, wait for it… Archduke Metallica.

The professor was, of course, referring to Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand (also the correct name of the Archduke whose assassination sparked World War I). Now people have responded to the tweet, using their imaginations and wits to concoct alternate histories and historical figures and plenty of puns on the band’s name.

Here is a version of the Archduke Metallica story.

A user shared a photo of a great historic meeting between two important people.

Here, a Twitter user presents the plot of a new anime series inspired by steampunk mecha.

This user disagrees on the official death of Archduke Metallica.

This user showed off their knowledge of Metallica songs, weaving them into the new Archduke Metallica story.

Of course, photoshop has also made the rounds, with some notable mentions like the one below.

It would seem that even the satirical outlet The Onion got in on the action by publishing a report on the assassination of the singer and guitarist of the band Franz Ferdinand at the hands of the rock band Gavrilo Princip.

Some have taken to sharing other funny stories relating to classroom breakaways, in this case Franz Ferdinand finds himself in the crosshairs again. What, too early?

I can see the professor’s head resting in their hands as they go over their life choices in this one.

The teacher returned to Twitter to find that a small tweet had exploded and was trending, funny how a small thing can lead to something much bigger!


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