UB professors share their analysis of the Buffalo mayoral race


BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) – India Walton’s association with the socialist movement to fund the police movement hurt her chances even before election day. That’s according to an analysis by two political science professors at the University of Buffalo.

Professors Shawn Donahue and Jacob Nieheisel say it’s possible that Walton’s huge support backfired on voters in one of the most historic races in Buffalo history.

The pair also claim that Walton’s inexperience has led to several public missteps, including towing his car over unpaid parking tickets and impeachment threats from members of the Buffalo Common Council.

They say the two ended up reinvigorating support for Byron Brown.

There was also the question of whether Walton’s victory in the primary, fierce battle in the months that followed was a wake-up call to more moderate Democrats, as she now suggests.

Nieheisel does not believe this is the case, saying candidates and campaigns matter to voters. And that includes reaching out across the political aisle for support.

“I think Mayor Brown realized he was not running a Democratic primary. He was running in the general electorate, and he wanted to please the greatest number. And on the other side, it didn’t look like India Walton was really reaching out and trying to expand her base, ”Donahue said.

Despite Walton’s calls that Brown’s campaign was successful with GOP support. Queen City Democrats outnumber Republicans by over 90,000 voters.


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