Windsor-based gymnast goes down in the history books | Hawkesbury Gazette


A local club gymnast has broken a world record in his bid to represent Australia at the equivalent Olympic event for tumbling later this year.

Record holder: Ethan McGuinness in competition. Picture: Provided.

Ethan McGuinness, who trains at the Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance in Windsor, has successfully performed the toughest routine ever performed in competition, in the gymnastic sport of tumbling.

The routine was devised during its preparation for the NSW State Gymnastics Championships, which will be held at the Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatics Center in Rooty Hill this weekend.

“I started with a skill that only about five people in history have done, which was a triple twist double backhand, and followed it up with a double twist double straight and a triple tuck at the end,” said McGuinness.

As well as representing his club this weekend, the 21-year-old will be looking to qualify for the World Games in Birmingham, USA, to be held in July.

He hopes to repeat his record performance so that it can be entered into the official books – which requires the skill to be performed at a world championship event.

“I want to be the best; and if I say I want to do something, I’ll give everything I have to make sure I get there,” McGuinness said.

But the journey hasn’t been easy, as McGuinness has been forced to work two jobs and cut back on training to fund his participation in international competitions.

“Because tumbling is not an Olympic sport, I have to work a lot to save money and that means I can’t train as much, which is frustrating,” he said.

“I won’t give up though. I have a lot of confidence, which some people might consider arrogant, but I just have a lot of confidence in myself.

“I don’t find it scary; I find the challenge and I don’t run away.”

McGuiness will compete in the NSW State Gymnastics Championships on Friday. Tickets are available here.


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