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AUGUSTA (US): As per tradition, which continues in 2022, Jack Nicklaus, winner of 18 Majors and Gary Player, winner of nine Majors, will be joined by Tom Watson, winner of eight Majors to get the 86th Masters off to a flying start .
But the most anticipated departure is the one scheduled for 10:34 a.m. (8:04 p.m. IST) for the trio made up of Tiger Woods, South African Louis Oosthuizen and Mexican Joaquin Niemann.
Since the 2020 Masters, which took place in November instead of the usual April, Woods has only played once and that was at the fun event, the Father-Son Challenge, where Woods and his son, Charlie, finished second.
It has been just under 14 months since Woods was in a car accident and at one point there was the danger that his right leg could be amputated. It was more about whether he was going to lose a leg or be able to walk again. The golf course wasn’t even in the frame, until Woods enlarged the image.
From former coach Hank Haney, who coached him between 2004 and 2010, a period in which he won six Majors, to friends and fellow competitors Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas, who probably know him best of all. all PGA Tour pros, there really is a belief that if Woods is ready to play, then he’s ready to win.
He doesn’t come to golf tournaments to do numbers.
Between 1997, the year he won his first Masters, and 2002, the year he won his third Masters and the second US Open, Woods had won eight Majors. Then, between 2005 and 2008, he added six more to that tally to reach 14, just four short of Nicklaus’ 18 Majors like Everest.
Then this cruise stopped. He won his 14th major almost on one leg at the 2008 US Open, then began a series of problems on and off the course.
There were weeks and months away from a course and spent in rehab; there were stories of scandals and many other things.
In the years that followed, he came back to win a bunch of PGA Tour titles, but no Majors. Then, when it looked like he was destined to finish with 14 Majors, he confused it all by winning the Masters in 2019, just over six months after winning the Tour Championship in 2018. Woods was back and at the search for Majors.
Another accident and another stoppage followed from February 2021 to April 2022 without golf.
Now he’s back. Oosthuizen and Niemann know they will have four and five galleries deep, but they also know that almost all of them are there for the man playing them – Tiger Woods.
For fans of statistics, the 83 editions of the Masters have provided winners whose average age is 32.2 years. Woods was 43 when he won in 2019. And he was 29 when he won his fourth Masters in 2005. He is now 46. Can he succeed one more time?
Come Sunday and the world will do it now if the magic of the woods still reigns. Winning or otherwise his place in the pantheons is assured, but Woods is not there just to play but to try to win.

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